It's time YOU manage your life, so life won't manage YOU!

Kingdom Living Day by Day, LLC

is a consulting firm designed to help you

live your best life day by day.

We can coach you or your organization in the ares of 

Life Management, 

Career Management & 

Money Management.


Life Management = many people think of this as "time management", but we realized you can't manage time, only your life in the time you have.  Therefore, we assist you in living your life in a way that allows you to accomplish what is important to you.  


Career Management = assisting with applications and resumes and interviews.


Money Management = creating a plan for your money, AKA a budget.  All this really means is that you will tell your money where it will go versus you finding out later where it went.


Speaking Engagements = speaking to your organization about life management in any of these areas and also about College Hoodies 4 Kids.