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These are ideas from my arsenal that help me to stay sane, keep my kids happy and my home somewhat organized:

1. Prevent hungry kids: always keep apple sauce cups and juice boxes or water bottles in the vehicle compartment (don’t forget the spoons in a zipper bag). This also prevents the need to always buy a “Happy meal”, just buy the burger or nuggets and pull the drink and side from your supply – healthier & cheaper. 
2. Don’t throw away the extra sauces you get when you order. Keep a few in the car for when you do drive-thru and you pull off before checking to see if they put it in the bag. Prevent a melt down by reaching into your supply. If you make nuggets at home, use the extra sauces from the fast food chain and the kids will enjoy it just a bit more.

3. Keep a small case of baby wipes in the car. Also a few bandages and Neosporin in the glove box for when scrapes and cuts happen away from home. 

4. If you park in your home garage, why bother to bring in the kid’s coats, hats and gloves. Take them off when the kids buckle in and let them stay in the vehicle. This way you always know where these items are located. 
5. Put the bibs and washcloths in a kitchen drawer so you have easy access. No extra drawers? Clean them out and determine what you really need in the kitchen, de-clutter and make life easier for you in the process. 
6. Choose the days you will do laundry and other household chores. You plan your other responsibilities, why not make Tuesday “kid’s laundry day” and Thursday “adult’s laundry day”? Wednesday is bathroom day and Friday is bill day (online if possible). Do what works best with your schedule. 
7. Be organized in your chores also. We usually have to do laundry weekly, but do you have to do your “gentles” every week? Keep a basket or a bag in your laundry room and put your gentles in it – when it’s full, it’s time to do gentles. If you have enough room, put another basket or bag in there for items that get dirty away from the hamper. Don’t just throw them on top of the washer; put them in the bag/basket until “laundry day”. 
8. I love sending out Christmas cards – but who has the time? Make it easier for yourself by creating labels with names and addresses of your family and friends. Every year update any new addresses, save with the year in the file name and print off. If you have time you can still personalize the card, but at least they know you were thinking about them.

9. No more nap time for your children? Why not go with Quiet Time? They may not take a nap, but they can still play quietly in their room which gives you time to do some of the items on your to-do list.

10. Pick out the kid's clothes for the entire school week on the Sunday before.  Consider getting their input if you like.  Either way, ideally they will not make too much of a fuss in the morning when it is time to get dressed.

11.  When was the last time you had some "me time"? If possible, have your husband or best friend watch the kids one evening a week or month and you just go do what you want to do. It must be a consistent date without the children. For me, it is every Friday. Whatever you come up with, try to be consistent - you need and deserve it!

Now it is your turn, what works for you? Please share by
emailing us and we will gladly pass it on.  From one Professional Mom to the next!