It's time YOU manage your life, so life won't manage YOU!

Kingdom Living 

During a Pandemic

Kingdom Living Day by Day, LLC was created to help us live our best lives.  Well, I realized that during this pandemic, I was not making the most of my life in the time I had.  Whenever I realize this in different seasons of my life, I come back to this website because it has great information on it.

I was also hearing that lots of people don’t know how to work from home, how to home school, how to make this ‘strange season’ work.  Then I started thinking about the 14 years I was a professional mom and the two years I have worked remotely full-time and I wanted to share some tips.

I hope you will check out the site's pages and links and in the meanwhile, do the following:

1. Shower and get dressed intentionally everyday (even in you intentionally put on sweats).

2. Create a schedule for your time so at the end of the day you can feel good about something you accomplished.

3. Create a routine/schedule for your children.  Routines help kids adapt, adjust and achieve.

4. If you are married, try to create some special moments with each other: recreate your first date, dance to a favorite song, sneak somewhere in the house and enjoy each other :-). 

5. If you are single and live alone, touch is very important (to most). Might I suggest you wash your hands, put on your mask and give a tight hug to your neighbor or a friend.  Then go home and wash our hands (20 seconds) again.  (Ok, that might not be the best idea ;-), but I hope you feel love virtually!

6. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I need to have devotion time and in a time like this, I hope you know that Jesus is real and HE LOVES YOU (yes, in the midst of all this).  Talk to Him about how you are feeling.

Check out all the pages here for great insights, now and always.

Keep Living the Kingdom Life...Day by Day, 

Robin F. Page


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