It's time YOU manage your life, so life won't manage YOU!

How would you like to find money
you didn't even know you were missing
(in just about an hour)?

uthor David Bach has a great book out, entitled Debt Free for Life.
One of the chapters shares several websites you can visit
to find money YOU may be missing.
If you can, get the book, but in the meanwhile,
visit these websites to find out more. - look for "Treasury Hunt". or - unclaimed assets held by all 50 states.  There is no charge to check these websites.  If you visit a site that charges, check the email address.  There are other companies trying to make you come their way and pay. - for those banks that are taken over by the FDIC, claim what is yours, don't just walk away. - pensions - do you know anyone who may have a defined benefit plan?  Do a search to see if you or someone you know has any unclaimed benefits. - get refunds you never collected or tax credits for which you did not know you were eligible. - check with Social Security; make sure your benefit statements are correct so your future money will be correct.
Additional Tidbits: 

1.  Tithe - return 10% of your income to your local house of worship. 

2.  Check out online banking - it can save you time & money!

3.  Get organized and throw away or shred junk mail.

4.  Start saving with automatic withdrawals, even if it is just $5.00 - do it.

5.  Create and use your budget.

6.  Obtain life insurance for you and your spouse if applicable.

7.  Start saving for retirement.

8.  Do your will - we all have something to leave to others.

9.  If your current employer offers flexible spending accounts, take advantage of the benefit to save on your taxes.

10.  Do not pay unnecessary fees, i.e., returning items late, going to non bank ATMs, etc.

11.  Get your credit report for free: or 1-877-322-8228.

12.  Use credit/debt only wisely, i.e., purchasing a home, college education, etc.

13.  Clip coupons from the Sunday paper and use search engines to find coupons online.

14.  Declutter your jewelry box - find a reputable gold buyer and let go of what you don't wear anymore because it's broken, not your style, etc.  - you could have extra cash just waiting to meet your needs.