It's time YOU manage your life, so life won't manage YOU!

As a consulting firm designed to help you live your best life day by day, KLDBD offers the following  services: 

For the individual, we can coach you in any of the following areas and more: 

  • Life Management (using the "Day by Day" Life Management system)
  • Money Management (create and use a budget that really works for you)
  • Career Management (resume reviews and mock interviews, etc.)    

For the business or nonprofit, as a motivational speaker, Robin enjoys helping people unlock their hidden potential.  Additionally, her years of human resources experience can enhance your organization without the cost of a full-time HR employee. 

Specific services are listed below:

Consulting and Motivational Speaking:

  • Career Enrichment
    • Resume / Application Review
    • Mock Interviewing
    • Counseling
  • Finances
    • Budgeting
    • How to schedule your bills monthly
    • Online Banking
  • Daily Organization / Decluttering
  • And Moreā€¦

Human Resources Services:

  • Recruitment: advertising, interviewing and reference checks
  • Organizational development: in-service training for staff and management
  • Employee assistance/counseling, mitigation and conflict resolution

College Hoodies 4 Kids:

  • Speaking to the kids in your organization and motivating them to be their very best and reminding them they have a future!
  • Giving out college hoodies because "when you see a kid in a college hoodie, you see a kid with a future!"